Bahraini Foreign Minister Stress Importance of GCC, Egypt and Jordan’s Region’s Security Stability

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bahrain Sheikh Khalid bin Ahmed bin Mohammed Al Khalifa stressed the importance of the role played by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, Egypt and Jordan in ensuring the security and stability of the region through their unremitting efforts in facing the challenges and efforts to develop permanent solutions and settlements for their problems.

Griffiths said that during 86 days of negotiations leaders from both sides sat together and agreed to work for a greater cause and the Saudi leadership “praised them for their courage” for the length of time to reach a deal.

This came during his addressing the 15th session of the Manama Dialogue Conference, which began last night, where he said that the strategic importance of the region at the political, security and economic levels necessitates the responsible countries in the world to cooperate with GCC, Egypt and Jordan in maintaining peace and security.

He added that Iran remains a major threat to the region’s security and stability by continuing to support terrorism and terrorist militias such as Hezbollah and others, its expansionist policies, violations of international law, attack on oil installations in Saudi Arabia, commercial vessels in the Gulf of Oman and threatening the safety of navigation.

He called for an international stance towards Israel and its practices that contravene international laws and customs, including its settlement activities and the occupation of the Golan Heights.