B20 Saudi Arabia showcases key accomplishments

B20 Saudi Arabia, the voice of the private sector to the G20, Wednesday provided an update to the Saudi media on its initiatives; and policy recommendations to the G20, as the group prepares to host the B20 Summit on Oct. 26-27 here. Saudi Arabia is the first Middle Eastern country to ever host the G20 Presidency; representing the region and the developing countries.

Earlier this week, the B20 publicly announced all its 25 policy recommendations across key issues; such as digitalization, women in business, trade, finance, infrastructure, energy, sustainability, compliance, integrit; and future of work and education.

“When Saudi Arabia took over the Presidency of the G20 and B20, the COVID-19 pandemic was not on the horizon. For the past several months, we have had to respond to an incredibly uncertain scenario. But, most importantly; we had to work together to design a path back to recovery — one that allows global economies to build back better, in a more inclusive and sustainable way,” said Yousef Al-Benyan, chair of the B20 Saudi Arabia.

Over the past year; B20 Saudi Arabia has also worked to develop inclusive; action-oriented policy recommendations through consultations with more than 650 business leaders from all G20 countries and beyond. The Saudi business community is strongly represented in the B20 six Taskforces and one Action Council; with 26% of total members. Further; Saudi business leaders have led the process of developing policy actions as Chairs of each Taskforce and the Action Council.