B20 issues call to action on advancing the UN’s global goals

B20 issues call to action on advancing the UN’s global goals

The world is far from being on track to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. Despite the progress made since 2015, COVID-19 has deeply hurt the global SDG efforts by diverting resources, stalling development work and highlighting tensions between countries.

The voice of business has never been more important in guiding the conversation around sustainable development and “building back better”.

To that end, the B20, the voice of the private sector to the G20; Wednesday launches its report on Advancing the Global Goals on Sustainable Development: A B20 Call to Action.

The report demonstrates how the policy recommendations put forth by the B20 to the G20 earlier this month align with the SDGs. If adopted by the G20, they can help accelerate progress on the SDGs in the Decade of Action.

The report details how each of the B20’s policy recommendations directly supports respective SDGs. Besides, how society must approach these issues from a business perspective.

The G20 can play a leading role in delivering SDG-centric policy formulation and should partner; with the UN system and the business community to positively impact effective implementation.

For easy reference, the infographic summarizes the findings of the report; in alignment with the policy actions proposed by the B20.