Attorney General: Saudi Arabia will not tolerate human trafficking crimes

Attorney General Sheikh Saud Al-Muajab assured that Saudi Arabia’s Public Prosecution will not tolerate trafficking in persons and will take legal measures against the perpetrators of such crimes.

Al- Muajab said in his remarks on the World Day Against Trafficking that the victims of such crimes would receive special attention from the competent care authorities.

“The Saudi state; since its inception; has been protecting rights and freedoms from all forms of crime and exploitation; emphasizing the Basic Law of Governance and all the systems in force in the Kingdom and international treaties and charters; and designated an independent system concerned with this crime — the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Law;” Al-Muajab said.

“The Public Prosecution is responsible for filing a criminal case against violators of the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Law; as well as inspecting and monitoring shelters for victims of trafficking in persons in order to protect them;” he added.

“The system stipulates a number of severe penalties for those who carry out any of the criminal descriptions.”

It has also allocated an independent department to investigate such crimes and undertake the related procedures to deal with them.