At G-20 summit, Crown Prince presents Saudi vision for global prosperity

An archive photo of the Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman in the G20 Leaders Summit, credit to Reuters.

On behalf of King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz, crown prince Mohammad bin Salman, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, delivered a speech at the closing session of the G-20 Summit.

The Crown Prince, Mohammad bin Salman pointed to the need to work to meet the cyber challenges so as not to turn into major economic obstacles. He pointed to the role and responsibility of the G-20 in creating an environment in which the world is flourishing, stressing that Saudi Arabia will work within this group to find a consensus to resolve crises in the world.

In his speech, he stressed the need to involve women and young people, pointing out that they are central to the development of the world. He pointed out that the need for international cooperation and coordination is more urgent than ever before in view of the overlapping and complex challenges facing the world today.

The effectiveness in achieving this depended on the ability to promote international consensus by establishing the principle of broad dialogue and building on the international system based on common principles and interests. The strengthening of confidence in the multilateral trading system was essential to WTO reform and action.

The Crown Prince stressed that it is necessary to address the tax issues of the digital economy, stressing the importance of working together to reach consensus solutions in 2020 to avoid protectionist measures.

He said that Saudi Arabia will assume the chairmanship of the G-20 in December this year, and is determined to continue to work towards achieving progress on the agenda of the Group and to work with all Member States, especially the Troika members of Japan and Italy, to discuss the pressing issues of the 21st century, on earth and human well-being.

The Crown Prince pointed out that the provision of adequate funding to implement the goals of sustainable development is one of the most important challenges facing the world, stressing the urgent need to cooperate with low-income countries in many areas such as food security, infrastructure, access to energy and water sources and investment in human capital. He stressed that these issues will receive attention during the presidency of Saudi Arabia group next year.

The Crown Prince said: “The world is living in a time of unprecedented scientific and technical innovations and unlimited growth prospects,” adding that: “These new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and the Internet, can bring huge benefits to the world if they are used optimally.”

The Crown Prince shows that at the same time, such innovations may create new challenges, such as changes in working patterns and skills to adapt to the future of work, as well as increasing the risks of cybersecurity and information flows, which require us to address these challenges as soon as possible to avoid their economic and social crises.

The Crown Prince states that the G-20 countries have a responsibility to work together, to cooperate with all partners in the world to create an environment in which science flourishes and to increase the size and effectiveness of investment in the skills and functions of the future and to be more optimistic than ever; and the ability of its joint members to do so.

At the close of his address, the Crown Prince welcomed the leaders of the G-20 countries and expressed his hope that they will be hosted next year in Riyadh.

The Crown Prince, the leaders, and heads of delegations of countries participated in an accompanying session entitled “Empowering women economically”. The Saudi Press Agency (SPA) said that the session witnessed the submission of a number of reports of international organizations on the efforts made in this regard.

During the session, the speakers highlighted the most important efforts to support women economically, and the importance of raising the national output of the countries, as well as the need to cooperate with the less economical countries in the eradication of technical illiteracy for women, in addition to vocational training and entrepreneurship for women adding to increase women’s participation in the labor market, and create equal employment opportunities.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and Vladimir Putin attend the G20 leaders summit, credit to Reuters.
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman and Vladimir Putin attend the G20 leaders summit, credit to Reuters.

On the other hand, the Russian President, Vladimir Putin, during his meeting with the crown prince, at the end of the work of the G-20 in Japan, that he will visit Saudi Arabia next fall.

The Russian president thanked King Salman bin Abdul-Aziz for his invitation to visit Saudi Arabia. He said: “I hope this visit will take place in fall, as we have agreed,” he also expressed Saudi support for the presidency of the G-20 next year. Russia Today reported.

For his part, the Crown Prince stressed that bilateral relations between Russia and Saudi Arabia have witnessed in the recent years, a dynamic development in various fields: political, economic, military, and cultural.

The Crown Prince explained that the meetings between Russian officials and their Saudi counterparts will provide an opportunity to find possibilities for developing relations to serve the interests of both countries.