Association to establish new travel, tourism norms

In accordance with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, an independent travel organization was launched in the capital on Friday. It is meant to serve as an official “umbrella” for travelers in all regions of the Kingdom.

The organization, the Saudi Arabian Voyagers Association, is intended to be the main resource in the country for travel and tourism locally, regionally and globally.

The association will have “highly qualified experts” as its members, according to a press statement. It said the association aims to “unify efforts and establish new standards for the concept of travel and tourism.” It will also be responsible for the promotion of the Kingdom’s tourist attractions, including archaeological sites.

The newly formed association will provide services and logistical support to travelers, and will include training for Saudi travelers to be “the best ambassadors for the ‘Kingdom of Humanity,’” the statement said.

The association’s chairman, seasoned traveler Ibrahim Al-Mutairi, said the association’s official inauguration is a turning point for Saudi travelers.

“Among the goals of the association is to work on organizing the current work of travelers and those interested in the field —which in most cases is nothing more than individual diligence — and to change it into an institutional and more firmly controlled work, in a way that achieves the common goals of individuals and society,” he said.

Al-Mutairi said that the association’s mission includes setting new standards for tourism through a highly qualified group of experts in the field, in addition to providing consultation, courses and lectures aimed at increasing community awareness.

He explained that the objectives of the association have been set in line with the national aspirations of the travel and tourism sector in the Kingdom. The association, he said, hopes to establish several strategic partnerships with relevant organizations from the public and private sectors.

Al-Mutairi called on all travelers in the Kingdom to participate in the association’s work, and to benefit from the services provided to its members.