Arab Tourism Day promoting ‘digital future’ for region

The Arab Tourism Organization has called on the Arab world to celebrate Arab Tourism Day on Feb. 25 under the slogan “Digital Transformation towards Safe Arab Tourism.”

The organization said that the Arab tourism industry of the future will follow the quantity of tourists; but also on the quality of services and technological development.

Tourism services must see updates according to health procedures in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic; the organization said, adding that non-contact travel from arrival to departure should be a priority for the sector.

The organization also said that digital transformation; is an important goal that requires the Arab world to deliver the return of safe tourism.

It cited the latest statistics by the World Economic Forum in Davos that predicted that digital transformation in aviation; travel and tourism will generate an added value for the tourism sector of $305 billion during the period from 2019 to 2025.

The transformation will also transfer $100 billion from traditional sectors to new competitors and generate indirect benefits of $700 billion by reducing environmental impacts, enhancing safety, security and savings on costs and time for tourists.

The Arab Tourism Organization said that the tourism sector is to undergo a selective transition of existing jobs.

However, job losses in the transition are being offset; by the creation of new positions of the skills of the new digital age within and outside the travel system, the organization added.

The new era of Arab tourism will also take place at the government level; and in the private sector through investors and businesses. Global spending on information technology in relation to digital transformation will reach $7.5 trillion in the future.