Arab Parliament slams Houthi drone attack on Abha airport

Arab Parliament slams Houthi drone attack on Abha airport - An archive photo

The Cairo-based Arab Parliament has condemned a drone attack launched by the Houthi militias on Saudi Arabia’s Abha airport.

In a statement on Sunday; Speaker of the Parliament Mishaal Bin Fahm said that attacking the international airport requires an urgent international intervention to sue the Houthi group for its “terrorist acts.”

Al-Salmi also called on the international community to take on its responsibility for ceasing Houthi frequent attacks; targeting civilians and threaten Arab security and stability.

Al-Salami also reiterated the Arab Parliament’s solidarity and support for all measures; taken by Riyadh to protect its security and stability.

Earlier on Sunday, the Saudi-led coalition said it intercepted a bomb-laden drone launched by Yemen’s Houthi rebels; toward the Kingdom’s southern region.

On Friday, the coalition said it destroyed two drones flying toward the Kingdom’s southern region and border city Najran.

It also announced that it destroyed a missile fired by the Houthis toward Najran the previous day.

The UAE also condemned the Iranian-backed Houthi terrorist militia’s attempt to target Abha airport.

The UAE also reiterated its full solidarity with Saudi Arabia against all threats to civilians; affirming its support for all measures taken by Saudi authorities to preserve the safety and security of its citizens and residents.