Arab countries support all measures taken by Kingdom to repel any aggression

Arab countries support all measures taken by Kingdom to repel any aggression

At the ministerial level, the Council of the League of Arab States condemned in the strongest terms the recent sabotage attack on oil facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais in Saudi Arabia, which is not only a serious threat to the security of the region, but also to international security and global energy supplies.

The Council expressed that in light of the terrorist attacks on the Arabian Gulf region, especially Saudi Arabia, which constitute a serious threat to regional security, the council expressed its solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against everything affecting its security and stability, and its support for all measures taken by the Kingdom to enhance security and stability and address any aggression.

This came in the final statement issued today by the consultative meeting of the Council of the League of Arab States at the ministerial level, which was chaired by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Iraq Mohammed Ali al-Hakim last Monday in New York on the sidelines of the high-level meeting of the 74th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

The Council affirmed its condemnation of the attacks on oil tankers and commercial vessels in the Arabian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, including the attack that took place on May 12, 2019 on two Saudi oil tankers, a Norwegian oil tanker and an Emirati cargo vessel inside the territorial waters of the United Arab Emirates, and the attack on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman on 13 June 2019 as criminal acts threatening the security and safety of international maritime traffic in the Arabian Gulf States.

The Council renewed its call contained in resolution 8412 of 10/9/2019 to the Security Council to assume its responsibilities to ensure the freedom, security and safety of maritime navigation and to ensure the security and stability of the region, and take a firm stand to address activities or attempts to threaten the security and safety of navigation in the region.

The Council stressed the importance of cooperative relations between the Arab countries and the Islamic Republic of Iran based on the principle of good-neighborliness and non-interference in the internal affairs of Arab countries and refrain from the use of threat or force, and to avoid escalation and collective action to defuse the crisis in the Arabian Gulf.

The Council also renewed its condemnation of Iranian interference in the internal affairs of the Arab States as contained in the Council of Ministers’ resolution at the ministerial level No. 8418 of 10 September 2019.