Arab Coalition thwarts two terrorist attacks by Iran-backed Houthi militia

The Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen; said it thwarted on Friday morning two terrorist attacks launched by the Iran-backed Houthi militia.

The Saudi-led Arab Coalition markedly intercepted and destroyed; an armed drone and an explosive-laden boat in the south of the Red Sea; Al Ekhbariya TV channel reported citing a statement from the coalition.

According to the statement, the armed drone launched by the Houthis was heading toward Saudi Arabia when it was intercepted.

It is noteworthy that the coalition and the Yemeni government have repeatedly; warned that the Houthi attacks pose a threat to global maritime navigation and additionally endangers civilian lives in Saudi Arabia.

The coalition stressed it is all necessary and legal measures to deter the militia from launching more attacks.

A week ago, the coalition markedly announced the interception and destruction of three armed drones, launched toward the Kingdom by the Houthi militia; warning that the Hodeidah governorate in Yemen had become a launchpad for terrorist operations.