Arab Coalition targets Houthi militia centers making drones

Arab Coalition targets Houthi militia centers making drones

 Arab Coalition fighter jets early Saturday launched several missiles at a military center in Sawan’s outskirts, east of Sanaa. The missiles targeted Houthi militia centers near the Yemeni capital used to manufacture ballistic missiles and drones, eyewitnesses said.

The strikes targeted and hit centers where the Iran-backed Houthi militia builds and puts together ballistic missiles and drones to target Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states.

On Friday, the Arab Coalition intercepted and destroyed several ballistic missiles and explosive-laden drones targeting Saudi Arabia launched by the Houthis.

Friday’s attack was the fifth failed drone attack launched by the Houthi militia toward the Kingdom during the week.

The Iran-backed militia is against the UN-recognized government; supported by the Arab Coalition, and currently controls Yemen’s capital Sanaa.

US condemns Houthi attacks

The United States strongly condemned the Houthi militia’s attempts to target civilians in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

US Ambassador to the Kingdom John Abizaid said, ” We call again on the international community to extend the Iranian arms embargo in order to stop the flow of weapons to the Houthis. In addition to stop these egregious Houthi attacks against the Yemeni people and Yemen’s neighbors. The US supports the UN-led process to bring a peaceful resolution to the conflict. It also urges the parties to negotiate under UN auspices in order to end the suffering of the Yemeni people.”