Arab Coalition intercepts armed drone targeting Khamis Mushait

Arab Coalition destroys explosive-laden Houthi drone targeting Saudi Arabia’s southern region

The Arab Coalition led by the Saudi forces intercepted and destroyed on Monday an explosive-laden drone; launched by the Iran-backed Yemen’s Houthi group targeting Khamis Mushait, according to TV reports.

In a statement, the Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen also said that it is taking all operational measures to protect civilians from such attacks.

Monday’s attempted attack on Khamis Mushait also comes a day after the Houthis fired an armed drone; from inside the Yemeni territory that landed on a school in the Asir region.

The drone, however, did not cause, according to Capt. Abdulaziz Jalban, deputy spokesman of the Civil Defense Directorate in the Asir region.

“An explosive-laden drone also exploded on a school; without causing any injuries, and procedures were immediately implemented in such incidents,” Capt. Jalban said.