Arab Coalition did not commit rights violations in Yemen: Joint assessment team

The Joint Incidents Assessment Team (JIAT) of the Arab Coalition to Restore Legitimacy in Yemen on Wednesday refuted a number of claims raised by global bodies; international organizations and media outlets on alleged errors committed by the forces during their military operations inside Yemen.

In a press conference held at the Armed Forces Officer’s Club in Riyadh, the official spokesman of the JIAT; Mansour Al-Mansour; released the assessment reports of the investigations conducted into 4 specific incidents.

With regard to the claim that a military vehicle of Houthi armed militia was targeted in front of a restaurant in Zabid directorate of Hodeidah governorate on Jan.3, 2018; killing eight civilians and wounding an equal number of them in an airstrike carried out by the coalition forces.

JIAT foundings

After reviewing all documents and assessing all evidence; the JIAT found that on the said date, the coalition forces did not carry out any aerial missions in Zabid directorate of Hodeidah governorate and that the nearest military target that was targeted by the coalition forces on the date of the claim is located in Al-Khokhah directorate of Hodeidah governorate; about 41 km away from the Zabid directorate.

In response to the claim of attack on Mothalath Ahim market in Hajjah Governorate on July 4, 2015 made by many.

The Human Rights Watch, released a report in November 2015 that on the above-mentioned date, the coalition forces bombed the market, destroying at least 6 buildings; namely a 4-story building, housing Sanaa restaurant, a store, a hotel, a water truck, and a car in front of the building.

The airstrike on Mothalath Ahim was alleged to have killed 65 civilians and wounded 105 as reported by the HRW.

The JIAT reviewed all documents, including procedures and rules of engagement, daily mission schedule, after-mission report, video recordings of the mission, satellite images, interviewing and hearing the statements of those concerned and assessed evidence.

Above all the JIAT found that the site; Mothalath Ahim was 16 km away from the international borders of Saudi Arabia, and at the time of the military operation was under the control of Houthi armed militia and the former president’s forces.

It had become a center used by Houthis and ex-president forces to reinforce their forces; in order to enter Saudi border areas.

Besides the Houthi militia had forced the civilians from the area to flee to other regions.