Anti-corruption authority finds involvement of 122 people in coronavirus health status scam

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Saudi Arabia’s anti-corruption authority has said it is completing the prosecution of those; who were in illegally modifying the coronavirus health status of citizens and expatriates alike in exchange for money.

Earlier this month; the Oversight and Anti-Corruption Authority (Nahaza) said it arrested 12 people for their suspected involvement in criminal activities with the use of social media networking sites.

In a statement early Thursday; the authority also said that also after expanding the investigation; it has now found the involvement of as many as 122 people in the scam.

Out of the total 122 accused; 9 (7 males and 2 females) were also employees of the health ministry; 21 (8 male citizens; 1 female citizen and 12 expatriates) acted also as facilitators and 92 (57 male citizens; 19 female citizens and also 16 expatriates) were beneficiaries.

“Given that these actions and violations have a dreadful negative impact on the efforts; also made by the government in combating this pandemic; the authority affirms on the continuation to pursue the employees; mediators and beneficiaries who are in this and is firmly proceeding; with the application of what the law rules against them;” the statement read.