Almarai honors outstanding students from the Arab Gulf for the 13th year

Almarai and the Arab Education Office honored the outstanding students of general education in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries. This was also part of a ceremony of announcing the winners in the Academic Excellence Award; hosted in Riyadh, under the patronage of Dr. Hamad bin Muhammad Al Sheikh, Minister of Education. 36 students from the Gulf Cooperation Council countries and Yemen received the gift this year.

Dr. Ali bin Abdul-Khaliq Al-Qarni, Director General of the Arab Education Bureau of the Gulf Countries; Faisal Al-Fahadi, Executive Vice President of Almarai, and a number of ambassadors and Arab cultural attaches in Saudi Arabia attended the ceremony. In addition to the honored students who attended the ceremony virtually.

“Our vision in Almarai adopts education and human development as the top of its investment priorities. The award aims to strengthen young people and to support the distinguished and talented among them. As we believe the future relies on them, their capabilities are an indicator of our society’s potential in achieving leadership in the future; where earning cognitive abilities is the heat of success.” Faisal Al-Fahadi, Executive Vice President of Almarai also said.

The Academic Excellence Award, held for the thirteenth year under the auspices of Almarai, also aims to enhance excellence and creativity among students of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries, develop their capabilities and talents, and open the doors for competition as the award embodies the private sector’s interest in education and making tomorrow’s human being. Since its launch in 2006, the award has honored more than 500 students in the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.