All-free Coronavirus vaccine will be available in Saudi Arabia

All-free Coronavirus vaccine will be available in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s Deputy Minister of Health for Preventive Affairs Dr. Abdullah Al-Asiri said that the coronavirus vaccine will be available free of charge to all in the Kingdom. “Saudi Arabia is obtaining vaccines for public health purposes. Therefore it has not included them on the list of chargeable products,” he said.

Al-Asiri hoped that the coronavirus vaccines would be available to 70 percent of the Kingdom’s population by the end of 2021. “Most of the coronavirus vaccines are administered twice, except one. Children under 16 years of age will not receive the vaccine at this stage,” he also added.

Earlier, Al-Asiri noted that Saudi Arabia will be one of the first countries in the G20 and around the world. This is to obtain good quantities of safe and effective vaccines to combat coronavirus.

Meanwhile, Assistant Minister of Health and the Ministry Spokesman Dr. Mohamed Al-Abdel Ali said on Monday that Saudi Arabia will receive delivery of those vaccines that must fulfill a number of specific conditions. The vaccine must be effective, safe, and approved by the concerned authorities, he said.

Al-Abdel Ali confirmed that critical cases of coronavirus decreased by 6.3 percent during the last week. He stressed the need to strictly adhere to the precautionary measures and preventive protocols issued by the competent authorities.