Al-Sheikh underlines importance of preparing young generation for future jobs in G20 ministerial meeting

Al-Sheikh underlines importance of preparing young generation for future jobs in G20 ministerial meeting

Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 includes all necessary enabling factors, tools, and technologies to facilitate opportunities; in accessing education and training, achieving higher educational qualifications; as well as entering a comprehensive and high-quality labor market, said Minister of Education Hamad Al Al-Sheikh on Tuesday.

He made the remarks in a speech during his participation in a joint ministerial session of the ministers of education; employment and labor of G20 countries.

Minister of Human Resources and Social Development Ahmed Al-Rajhi is also participating in a two-day event that began Tuesday in Catania; a city located on the east coast of Italy’s Sicily island.

Speaking during a session that mainly focused on the impact of the pandemic on education; the future of the education systems and the transition from school to work; Al-Sheikh stressed the importance of the joint meeting of the G20 ministers of education; employment; and labor to discuss education and employment, as well as their common economic interdependence.

Analyzing and evaluating opportunities and challenges

“We must use well-established methods to analyze and evaluate the opportunities and challenges created by the pandemic; and then propose solutions to facilitate the transition from education to the labor market and ensure integration and social progress;” he said while pointing out that the global research shows that the investment; in education and training enhances economic and social outcomes at individual and national levels.

Al-Sheikh also added that quality of life, career satisfaction; work-life balance; and more broadly (the economic and social development of the state) are closely related to the results gained from quality education and purposeful employment; explaining that these results increase with the rise in educational attainment and the increase in technical training and professional essentials.

He also added that Saudi Arabia will continue to invest in education and training to prepare young men and women for future jobs; pointing out that there is a focus on innovation in advanced technologies; and entrepreneurship to ensure a significant and sustainable future for citizens.