Al-Fifi teaches from hospital as cancer defeated by his passion

Al-Fifi teaches from hospital as cancer defeated by his passion

The pain and agony of a deadly disease have failed to dampen the passion and dedication of Muhammad Al-Fifi, who continues to teach his students from his hospital bed, thanks to the remote education facility arranged by the Ministry of Education. The four-month-long chemotherapy sessions have not prevented Al-Fifi from communicating with his students from his room in a Riyadh hospital.

“I teach the Arabic language at Abi Amr Al-Dani Elementary School in Riyadh. Since I have been in the hospital for more than four months, I continued teaching my students; through the “Madrasati” (My school) e-platform,” he said.

Al-Fifi explained the circumstances that led him to post a video clip that went viral on social media. “I made the video after my colleagues asked me to document my work. I made this clip as a teaching model for my colleagues; although the school administration did not ask me to do so,” he said.

Referring to his illness Al-Fifi said: “I had developed some health issues related to my kidneys last Ramadan. They referred me to the hospital. After the tests; doctors discovered that the cause of this malaise was due to cancer in the lymph nodes. And immediately they hospitalized me for the rapid spread of this type of cancer.”

Al-Fifi explained that he is undergoing chemotherapy to defeat the deadly disease; and the treatment will continue for two more months.

Talking about his passion for teaching; Al-Fifi said: “I am passionate about my profession and try to keep myself abreast of developments in education. Students have become part of my daily life and I enjoy teaching and mentoring them.”