Al-Ahsa Named World’s Largest Date Palm Oasis by Guinness

Saudi Culture Minister Prince Bader Bin Abdallah Bin Frahan announced today; Thursday, that Al-Ahsa Governorate got a title in the Guinness World Records; as the world’s largest date palm oasis.

According to Guinness’s website, the oasis includes more than 2.5 million palm trees feeding on a vast aquifer through 280 artesian springs; extending over an area of more than 85.4 square kilometers (32.9 square miles).

In fact; the Heritage Commission turned the global encyclopedia’s attention to Al-Ahsa Oasis, a Saudi Arabian site registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage List, alongside Al-Hijr in Al-Ula; the Al-Turaif neighborhood in historic Ad Diriyah, historic Jeddah; and rock art site Jubbah and Shuaimis in Hail.

In addition to its rich environment and natural wealth, Al-Ahsa also has a deep history and rich civilization. Many civilizations settled in it and used it as a strategic bridge connecting them to the rest of the world. It includes many heritage sites and some of the globe’s oldest human settlements.

As can be seen; The Guinness World Records had recently registered Maraya Concert Hall as the world’s largest mirror-clad building. Alongside other records; they have also contributed to Saudi Arabia becoming the second; most featured Arab country in the Guinness World Record.