Airline SAS cancels 587 flights on Sunday because of pilot strike

Airline SAS cancels 587 flights on Sunday because of pilot strike

DPA: Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) announce Saturday that it has to cancel 587 hundreds of flights scheduled for Sunday for the persistence of the pilot strike for the second day.

We deeply regret that our customers are affected by the ongoing pilot strike that has led to delays and canceled flights,” SAS said in its official statement.

It’s estimated that another 64,000 passengers will be affected owing to the cancellation of other 587 flights across Scandinavia, Norway, and Sweden. The strike of SAS pilots began yesterday, Friday immediately after the breakdown of mediation talks with the SAS pilot group on wages reaching no agreement.

Mediators in the three Scandinavian capitals said there are significant disputes between the parties to the talks as SAS pilots are demanding compensations for lower salaries and other concessions they made in 2012, when the company was passing an economic crisis.

It’s mentioned that talks between the SAS pilot group and the company on wage increase and working hours have been going on since March, and the group has warned of a strike earlier in April. SAS pilots complain about the wages that are less than the market value, the deteriorating working conditions, the unpredictable planning work hours, and the insecure jobs.

“Almost one in four SAS flights is flown by subcontractors and we want to know what our future looks like,” Wilhelm Tersmeden, chairman of the Swedish pilots’ association, told a news agency.

The open-ended strike has so far led to the disruption of around 70% of the airline’s flights, affecting 170,000 passengers over the weekend alone. While the other 30% of the airline’s flights didn’t suffer due to being operated by SAS partner airlines. It’s reported that domestic flights in the Nordic region have been disrupted, as well as flights to some European countries and other long destinations.