Air Strike on Aramco’s two oil pumping stations

Saudi Aramco stops pumping oil in the targeted pipeline

A limited air strike on Aramco’s two oil pumping stations in the provinces of Dawadmi and Afif in Riyadh and Saudi Arabia announces that its vital installations are targeted.

Saudi Aramco’s two oil pumping stations in the provinces of Dawadmi and Afif in Riyadh have been targeted by a terrorist attack, the security spokesman for the Presidency of State Security announced on Tuesday.

According to the Saudi Press Agency, the incident occurred between six and six and a half on Tuesday morning, adding that “there was a limited targeting of Aramco’s two oil pumping stations in the provinces of Dawadmi and Afif in Riyadh.”

  • Saudi Aramco: Oil and gas supplies weren’t affected and oil prices rise 1.25% after the terrorist incident that targeted the pumping stations in Riyadh.

He continued: “The competent authorities have resumed their work on the sites and any updates will be announced later.”

  • The targeting of oil pipelines was through an attack of drone bomb that was controlled after it caused limited damage

For his part, the Minister of Energy, Industry, and Mineral Resources, Khalid Al-Faleh, said that two oil pumping stations for the East-West pipeline, which carries Saudi oil from the oil fields in the Eastern Province to the port of Yanbu on the west coast, were attacked by drone bomb.

“The strike resulted in a fire at station no. 8, which was contained, after causing limited damage,” Al-Faleh added.

  • Saudi Aramco: Pumping oil into the targeted pipes was stopped as a precautionary measure after the terrorist attack

Al-Faleh continued, “Saudi Aramco has stopped pumping in the pipeline, where damage is being assessed and the station is being repaired to restore the pipeline and resume pumping oil.”

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Al-Faleh stressed, “Saudi Arabia condemns this cowardly attack, and that this terrorist and sabotage act and those recent acts in the Arabian Gulf against vital installations not only targets Saudi Arabia, but also targets the safety of the world’s energy supply and the global economy. This demonstrates the importance of confronting all terrorist groups carrying out such subversive activities, including the Iranian-backed Houthi militias in Yemen.