‘Adab’ to hold a symposium on Islamic art

‘Adab’ to hold a symposium on Islamic art

With the support and empowerment of the Ministry of Culture; the International Encyclopedia of Arabic Literature “Adab” will hold a virtual symposium entitled “Islamic Art; Questions of identity and cultural perspectives”.

Adab’s e-platforms will broadcast the symposium at 8 p.m., Wednesday; in coincidence with the International Day of Islamic Art that falls on Nov. 18 every year. The symposium will also host a number of art and archeology experts and specialists.

Participants in the symposium will cover different topics including the relationship of Islamic art to the cultural identity of the Arabian Peninsula; and the contemporary cultural dimensions of Islamic art in global cultural platforms. In addition to a discussion on means of using Islamic art in contemporary Saudi art. Besides, the relationship between Islamic art and Arabic poetry.

The symposium comes within the Ministry of Culture efforts to support the Islamic art. Also deepening its relationship with the cultural identity of Saudi Arabia’s arts and artists.

The ministry’s support for “Adab” represents one of the aspects of empowerment and support that it provides for Saudi authorities and institutions; which are active in the Saudi Arabia’s cultural sector in order to create a vibrant cultural system integrating all efforts.