80% of COVID-19 vaccination appointments booked, 130K doses in 24 hours

80% of COVID-19 vaccination appointments booked, 130K doses in 24 hours

With giving over 130,000 anti-COVID-19 vaccination doses on Thursday; registering the highest daily rate since the launch of the National Program for the COVID-19 Vaccine; the Ministry of Health (MoH) announced Friday.

This announcement was in a remarkable step confirming the readiness and integration of the ministry’s preparations. Besides, inoculating the response of citizens and residents on the importance.

The ministry said that most of vaccination appointments during the next 14 days are booked at a very high rate; of up to 80 percent, due to the easy booking procedures via ‘Sehhaty’ (My Health) app.

This comes in the wake of the Health Ministry’s expansion in opening more vaccination centers in various regions of the Kingdom, now exceeding 500, with all requirements.

Regulatory and precautionary measures

Furthermore, the centers are witnessing a great turnout from members of the community to get the inoculation; amid regulatory and precautionary measures to protect their health and safety.

The ministry added that rate of the vaccination appointments as gone up, as the “Sehhaty” app has made it quite easy for the citizens and residents to book their appointments and know the location of the centers providing the vaccine.

The Ministry of Health is urging all to speed up the initiative; by getting the anti-COVID-19 jab through the vaccine centers, set up in all regions of the Kingdom. To get the shot, they should register via the “Sehhaty” (My Health) app. The ministry reassured the public, stressing that the approved vaccines in the Kingdom are effective and safe.

The Health Ministry reiterated that all authorities; especially the private sector — are providing the vaccine for free, as a contribution to the national program.

It stressed that all centers are available in the “Sehhaty” app to enable citizens and residents to easily find the nearby centers and book appointments at times convenient to them.