6 million students sit for exams remotely

More than six million students started on Sunday sitting for examinations for the first semester of the academic year 1442.

For the first time students are appearing; for the exams remotely, following the decision of the Ministry of Education to conduct them through the Madrasati platform for public and private schools that benefit from the platform, or other educational platforms used by private and international schools.

The ministry stressed that the educational process would continue; during the examination period to provide educational enrichment to students as well as to cover academic losses.

The exams are being held in accordance with the mechanism, approved by the ministry, and the arrangements made accordingly. As per the mechanism, marks will be redistributed for the annual activities; and the final exams for each academic subject except for the first semester.

There will be 40 marks for the elementary and intermediate levels for the annual activities that include short exams, performance assignments, class attendance, and homework, and 10 marks for the final exam. The exams for the secondary schools will be in accordance with the schedule, the ministry said.