5,000 young people from 120 countries participate in Misk Global Forum

Misk Global Forum launched in Riyadh with Saudi, global participation

Misk Global Forum (MGF) launches its fourth edition during the period from 12 to 14 November in Riyadh entitled “WORK, REWORKED”, where the forum seeks to explore new trends and transformations in the world of work, considering also how the impact will differ across regions and the urban-rural divide.

More than 140 leading figures are expected to participate in the forum, organized by the Mohammed bin Salman Foundation’s Initiatives Center, within three days of diverse activities to develop new practices in the world of work and empower young people with the necessary knowledge and skills to make the decisions they need in face of change challenge in a new era of work, and foresee the future of business and its effects on the economy.

Misk Global Forum is to discover, develop and empower young people to become active participants in the future economy, to create an international youth platform for knowledge and successful experiences exchange to reach the results, recommendations and initiatives that lead to develop youth energies, which will positively reflect on the youth community in Saudi Arabia on one the hand and support the international efforts to develop and empower youth globally on the other.

While the fourth edition of the Forum focuses on three core themes across its activities: skills for the future economy, entrepreneurship and employment, and active global citizenship, the Forum has four main thematic areas: workforce, workplace, workflow and World Entrepreneurship Cup (EWC).

 “The theme of this year’s forum is “World Entrepreneurship Cup,” said Executive Director of Misk Global Forum, Shaima Hamid El-Din.

“The forum will explore many ways to foster creativity and build skills for the new world of work. The Forum is an international platform that brings startups together with senior innovators, leaders, mentors, and policy makers,” Hamid Al-Din added.

World Entrepreneurship Cup (EWC)

Hamid Al-Din pointed out that the Forum will witness honoring the winning startups in EWC competition, where the top five companies will be announced, after 107 startups qualified for the final stage, among 100,000 registered startups from 185 countries in the competition in 2019.

The Forum is expected to feature 50 workshops, each offering practical skills on the future of the business, while the program will bring together senior leaders in the private sector, government officials and emerging talent, in addition to the participation of 45 partners with their knowledge across a wide range of fields.

The Forum also includes research and presentations published in partnership with leading international organizations, which work on surveys and discussions on how to better prepare young people to meet the challenges of the future economy, as well as examining all the factors that are profoundly revolutionizing the world of work, such as globalization, societal change, modern technology, and the willingness of young people to the new world of work in the midst of these changes.

It’s noteworthy that Misk Global Forum is the main international platform of the Mohammed Bin Salman Foundation’s (Misk Charity) Initiative Center, was launched in 2016 and has expanded Misk’s message to young people around the world, through international events, research and global initiatives. The Global Misk Forum brings together emerging and veteran leaders, together with innovators and creators, to explore, experiment and test in several ways to meet the challenge of change.