280 Saudi Doctors Join Frontline Battle against Coronavirus in France

About 280 Saudi doctors are helping to fight coronavirus across France.

About 280 Saudi doctors help to fight the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in hospitals across France. This comes as they take part in a French medical fellowship program.

French Ambassador to Saudi Arabia Francois Gouyette; said that the fellowship program reflects the strong relations binding France and Saudi Arabia in all fields. It is also a striking symbol of the relationship rooted in friendship and solidarity shared between the two peoples.

Gouyette thanked Saudi doctors for their dedication and the spirit of duty that they have shown in this critical phase.

Saudi cultural attaché to France and Switzerland, Abdullah Al-Thunayyan, said: “The work of Saudi doctors in French hospitals, and on the frontlines against the dangerous pandemic, highlights the value of volunteering among the Saudis.”

Al-Thunayyan also confirmed that 280 Saudi doctors, who specialize in 35 different medical areas, are across major French cities.

“They are ready for dedicated and effective work to face crises; such as the virus outbreak, and addressing it anywhere for humanity,” he added.

“I commend the determination and solidarity of the Saudi doctors with their French mentors as well as colleagues in this exceptional unprecedented situation,” Guillaume Huart, the regional counselor for Health at the Embassy of France said.