24 Saudi doctors support their Irish counterparts in fighting coronavirus

Saudi Arabia's Doctors arrive in France to Combat Coronavirus Pandemic

Prof. Abdullah Al-Dhalaan, Saudi cultural attaché in Ireland, said that 24 Saudi doctors, who are under the King’s Foreign Scholarship Program there, are participating along with their fellow Irish doctors in providing medical and health care services to coronavirus infected people in various hospitals.

Speaking to Okaz/Saudi Gazette, Al-Dhalaan said the Saudi doctors, who are actively taking part in this initiative, are among the distinguished national talents. “It is a great sense of pride for all of us because of the commendable services of these young doctors who won accolades from their colleagues in Irish hospitals. They are sufficiently qualified to carry out their mission in addressing this pandemic,” he said while lauding their humanitarian contribution.

“There is nothing unusual for the children of Saudi society who apply the teachings of the religion of Islam, and it is also an opportunity to enhance the voluntary work initiative, which constitutes an important addition to the professional experiences gained for our children,” he said.

Al-Dhalaan valued the generous support and the excellent care provided by the government to all scholarship students whether during the period of their studies or in light of the conditions through which the entire world passes due to the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.