232,652 Muslims from Europe, America and Australia performed Hajj

232,652 Muslims from Europe, America and Australia performed Hajj

Hajj Guides Foundation of Pilgrims of Turkey, Muslims of Europe, America and Australia has issued a statistic revealing that 232652 pilgrims from 75 countries representing five continents performed Hajj this year 1440AH.

The continent of Europe topped the list, with 157,209 pilgrims representing 42 countries, most of which were Turkey with 82,784 pilgrims, Britain with 23,843 pilgrims, Russia with 23,789 pilgrims, and France fourth with 13,554 pilgrims, followed by the Netherlands with 4166 pilgrims.

The North American continent came second with 46479 pilgrims coming from two countries, 14,118 pilgrims from the USA and 3,236 pilgrims from Canada.

As for pilgrims from Central Asian countries, the number reached 24,603, divided into five countries, Uzbekistan with 7456 pilgrims, then Kyrgyzstan with 6015 pilgrims, followed by Tajikistan with 5869 pilgrims, and Kazakhstan with 3026 pilgrims, and finally Turkmenistan with 2237 pilgrims.

The continent of Australia, the number reached 3,897 pilgrims from four countries topped by Australia with 3,347 pilgrims, New Zealand with 390 pilgrims, Fiji with 157 pilgrims and Solomon Islands with 3 pilgrims.

The Central America and the Caribbean reached 370 pilgrims from 10 countries, most of which were from Trinidad and Tobago with 312 pilgrims, and Barbados is second with 24 pilgrims.

South America has the lowest number of pilgrims this year; there were only four pilgrims, three from Venezuela and one from Brazil.