2 children injured from falling debris as Saudi air defenses intercept 6 Houthi missiles; drones

Saudi Arabia’s air defenses have intercepted and destroyed three ballistic missiles and three explosive-laden drones launched by the Iran-backed Houthis militia towards the eastern region; Jazan and Najran on Saturday.

According to the Official Spokesman of the Ministry of Defense; Brig. Gen. Turki Al-Malki; two Saudi children were injured; and 14 houses suffered light damages by falling debris from the intercepted missile fired by the Iran-backed Houthi militia on Dammam.

Al-Malki said that this barbaric and irresponsible Houthi behavior by trying to target civilians and civilian objects; is incompatible with heavenly values and humanitarian principles.

“This reflects the reality of the conduct of military operations on the ground; the deterioration of the militia’s position on the fronts; and its loss of important field leaders;” Al-Malki added.

He stressed that the Ministry of Defense will take the necessary and deterrent measures to protect its lands and capabilities and stop such hostile and cross-border attacks to protect civilians and civilian objects in accordance with international humanitarian law and its customary rules.