19 violations to avoid with Saudi tourist visa

Saudi Tourism conference on World Tourism Day

The Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTH) has published on its website of the Saudi tourist visa application 19 violations based on the common sense regulation, and the fines to be issued by the police officers after the violator is caught.

The common sense regulation identified 19 offenses punishable by financial fines ranging from SAR50 to SAR3,000.

Violations provided in the common sense regulation include wearing inappropriate costume in public places or those that carry slogans, pictures or forms that are indecent, racist , or which contribute to inciting strife, or promote pornography and drug abuse, in addition to placing posters, distributing commercial leaflets in public places without a license, setting fire to parks and public places in places other than those permitted, and uttering vulgar words, bringing harmful act, or endanger the public.

An infographic shows the violations determined by the common sense regulation, credit to Arabnews
An infographic shows the violations determined by the common sense regulation, credit to Arabnews

The regulation also categorized bypassing waiting queues in public places other than the exempted cases determined by the concerned party to violate the common sense, and the use of harmful lighting such as lasers and the like, to harm the public or lead to scare or endanger them.

The direct filming of persons without their permission or the filming of criminal, traffic, or accidental incidents without the permission of the parties to the violation are also classified as common sense violations, which requires the perpetrators to pay a fine and delete the photographs taken in violation.

The common sense regulation categorized writing or drawing on transportation or on the walls of public places without a license as a punishable offense. Similarly, those who put expressions or images that provoke racism or pornography or abuse of drugs will be fined.

Other irregularities include abusive behavior involving sexual acts, raising the sound of music in residential neighborhoods, playing music during Adhaan (Islamic call to worship, recited by the muezzin at prescribed times of the day), and dumping waste in places other than those designated for them.

The regulation also includes occupying seats and facilities for the elderly and people with special needs, and overcoming barriers to access to public places.

The regulations concerning the mechanism of application of the common sense regulation stipulated that each person affected by any of the violations stated may claim his own right. While the disciplines granted the offender the right to appeal to the common sense service in the competent administrative courts.