17 Saudi Government Agencies Facilitate Cargo Procedures

King Abdullah Port works to ensure the flow of products into Saudi Arabia. (SPA)

Seventeen Saudi government agencies are cooperating with ports to boost the flow of goods and products through Saudi marine outlets. This is in order to speed up the entry of goods into the Kingdom.

Food and healthcare products having the top priority amid the coronavirus outbreak.

The King Abdullah Port, on the Red Sea coast, announced its readiness to receive containers and various types of goods; food, medicines and medical equipment to secure the people’s needs during the pandemic.

Protecting citizens and residents, the port will also be doubling its operations and marine services in stations and docks. This comes under the precautionary measures taken by the Kingdom.

The port’s facilities have been fully equipped to handle and serve refrigerated containers including food and medicines.

In cooperation with more than 17 government agencies, importers will be able to benefit from the clearance service around the clock.

In order to mitigate the repercussions of the COVID-19 outbreak, the port will also extend the period of exemption for warehousing wages in the port from five to 10 days, in support of the work of exporters and importers and ensuring the smooth provision of logistic supplies to and from the Kingdom.

The port will also focus on the implementation of precautionary measures by adopting electronic operations as much as possible. While it maintains a high level of cargo clearance efficiency.

King Abdullah Port, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, took a series of immediate precautionary measures to ensure the safety and health of all its employees.

They include sending all the required information to the ministry by the maritime agents 24 hours before a ship arrival. This is to ensure carrying out necessary medical checkups and preventive measures.