124 businesses closed for violating coronavirus measures in Saudi Arabia

The municipality of Jeddah governorate and its sub-municipalities closed 112 commercial facilities for violating anti-coronavirus health protocols.

A total of 4,393 inspection tours of commercial centers and facilities; were by the municipality in order to ensure adherence to coronavirus precautionary measures.

During the tours, 193 violations appeared and 112 facilities shut.

The tours covered commercial centers, shops, malls, cafes and restaurants; in order to ensure the suspension of all indoor services and the closure of cinemas, indoor entertainment centers, independent and indoor playgrounds and game centers, as well as gyms and event rooms.  

Meanwhile, the municipality of the Eastern Province carried out 1,392 inspection tours across malls, commercial centers and stores.

During the tours, 12 commercial facilities were closed, and 32 violations were issued for noncompliance; with the preventive measures, for overcrowding and for failure; to properly use the Tawakkalna app.

The municipality said it received 19 reports; about violations and urged; all commercial facilities to respect and abide by regulations to ensure public safety and prevent the virus from spreading.

Authorities urged the public to do its part; in maintaining public health by reporting any COVID-19 breaches to the 940 call center number.