1.4mn Saudi university students take 223,000 tests remotely

More than 1.4 million university students in the Kingdom took over 223,000 tests remotely during the first week of exams, as education institutions remain closed as part of the government’s efforts to contain the coronavirus outbreak.

The students used a wide range of online applications to take their tests such as Microsoft Teams, Blackboard, Exam.net and Question Mark, among other online platforms, the Ministry of Education said on Saturday.

The Kingdom had suspended in-attendance education activities in all schools, universities and educational institutions starting March 9 until further notice, and directed all educational institutions to implement distance learning through online platforms.

The Ministry of Education had announced in mid-April that it would advance all students, kindergarten to high school, to the next grade and take the first semester’s results as the results for the second semester.

Hamad Al-Sheikh, the minister of education, stressed that all students in all grades have passed without exception.