Young Saudi leaders in aviation sector effectively deal with coronavirus

The General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA), through its strict preventive measures to deal with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), has provided hundreds of youth from its ranks an opportunity to work to implement precautionary and preventive measures necessary to combat this pandemic.

GACA has provided these qualified young Saudi men, who are capable and trained in the latest technologies and who have proven their competence in fieldwork.

Furthermore, they’ve worked to ensure the continuous flow of goods and services in the air outlets around the clock with a view to continuing freight and sustaining smooth supply operations.

The young Saudis also assure the arrival of necessary goods and products and maintain the flow of goods to the airfreight stations around the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s airports in a safe and secure manner, and in accordance to the best international standards.

These worthy accomplishments come from the keenness of GACA to give and empower young leaders and provide them the opportunity to work in its various sectors, whether leadership, technical, administrative, or operational jobs.

GACA believes in the role of Saudi youth in developing and strengthening the aviation sector, which is playing a major role in all disciplines and is in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Because of its belief in the importance of young Saudi leaders, GACA has implemented an approved plan to meet the needs of specialized human cadres in the field of aviation sciences, in addition to developing the performance of workers in the security and safety of air transport in accordance with the highest international standards.

GACA has empowered Saudi women to work in various fields in the Kingdom’s civil aviation sector. This includes engineering in all its specialties (mechanical, architectural). They’re also making headway in finance, insurance, contracts, procurement, legal, and air control, in addition to, aviation safety and security and economic licensing.

In this regard, GACA has undertaken many initiatives, programs and courses, including the “Future Leaders” program. This program aims to train and qualify Saudi trainees.

These trainees need to be new distinguished graduates with bachelor’s and master’s degrees in aviation science, aviation safety, airport administration, aviation management, and airport safety.

These cadres are being qualified to work in operational specialized fields at various airports around the Kingdom. This is within the framework of GACA’s endeavor to keep pace with current and future developments.