WWE Superstars Fight Cyberbullying with ‘Be a Star’ Event in Riyadh Season 2021

In an initiative reflecting the keenness of Riyadh Season 2021, to carry out its social responsibility along with organizing and hosting the most prominent world entertainment events, the officials responsible for the most prominent event these days, “WWE Crown Jewel”, has organized an awareness event to combat cyberbullying under the slogan “Be A Star”.

The event aims to guide children to the appropriate ways to deal with negative responses on social media, and to benefit from the passion of this age group for WWE Superstars, to deliver targeted messages to educate young people.

The stars participating in the event advised the children to believe in their capabilities, know their most prominent strengths, and enhance their self-confidence, providing positive messages and directives for children to deal in the best way with negative responses in all social media.

The event also witnessed the attendance of a large number of children and school students, who interacted with their favorite WWE Superstars, expressing their happiness with their presence, and fulfilling a wish they had always dreamed of, which is to meet these stars and get to know them closely.

The children also thanked the WWE Superstars, for their help and advice on how to counter cyberbullying, and to positively deal with negative messages and responses on social media.