Wide condemnation over Houthi Militia’s Targeting of a Border Village in Saudi Arabia

OIC, Bahrain denounce Houthi militia attack on Jazan

Egypt and several countries in the region have strongly condemned the Houthi militia’s targeting of a border village in Jazan region of Saudi Arabia, which resulted in injuring a number of citizens and residents and damaging a number of homes and vehicles.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry affirmed its full and continuous support for measures taken by Saudi Arabia to protect and maintain its security and stability and to ensure the safety of its citizens and residents in facing these cowardly terrorist attacks that undermine peace and security in the region and violate the rules of the international humanitarian law, wishing the injured a speedy recovery.

The Pakistani Foreign Ministry said in a statement today “These attacks not only violate the territorial integrity of the Kingdom but also threaten the lives of innocent people. Pakistan calls for their immediate cessation, as it stands in solidarity with Saudi Arabia”.

“Pakistan also calls on Houthi militia to halt its attacks on Ma’arib governorate in Yemen. We reiterate our call for a comprehensive political solution to the conflict in Yemen through peaceful means.”, the statement concluded.

The Bahraini Foreign Ministry renewed Bahrain’s position in supporting all efforts and endeavors being exerted by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to preserve its security, stability, territorial integrity, citizens and residents.

Bahrain affirmed its complete stand with Saudi Arabia in the face of continuous Houthi attacks that violate the principles of the international humanitarian law and threaten regional security and stability.