Ward Village welcomes visitors with Aromas during Taif Season

Ward Village welcomes visitors with Aromas during Taif Season

Ward Village welcomes its visitors with Aromas and offers a unique tourist experience in Arruddaf Park as part of a variety of distinguished events that are offered during the Taif season.

Ward Village is one of the activities of Taif season that had earlier started on the first of August and will last for a full month. Taif season comes within the Saudi Seasons tourism initiative with at least seven other countries participating including Egypt, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Morocco, Lebanon and Jordan to exhibit their handicrafts, culinary skills, music, arts and others. The Saudi seasons

Taif Season Launch

The Taif season consists of three major sections, which are the annual Souq Okaz festival https://ajel.sa/english/souk-okaz-the-oldest-democratic-forum-in-the-arabian-peninsula/, Crown Prince Camel Festival, Ward Village, and different tourist activities in Al-Hada and Al-Shafa areas including cable cars rides for the visitors, who will also be taken to the museums and historic mosques in the summer resort city.

Entrance to Souq Okaz Area

Souq Okaz will host seven famous Arab singers as well as cultural and poetic nights, historic markets, caravans and special pavilions for displaying exhibits.

The Taif season will include fireworks and a circus in addition to theatrical shows, poetry competitions, paintings and special programs and activities that are designed for all family members and suitable for different ages and interests.

There will also be a rose festival during the Taif season, which will be held in Ward Village (spread over the entire area of the popular Arruddaf Park). The event is an opportunity through which visitors can learn about the stages of harvesting, distilling, and manufacturing the roses of Taif.

Rose Festival at Ward Village

Ward Village includes the Rose Museum, the Art Road, the Rose Laboratory, as well as workshops to introduce the crafts associated with the roses of Taif, adding to fun events with season-related competitions.

In addition to an integrated market that includes the most famous products of Taif fruits such as: pomegranates, figs, grapes, and Barbary fig. The market is dedicated to the people of Taif who have been trained to pack their products and present them in an attractive way for tourists.

During the Taif season (Arab Resort) in its first edition, Ward Village presents a group of quality events, charming vibes, and wonderful activities that highlight the advantages of this tourist city of abundance in natural products, the most important of which are roses.

Ward Village is an exciting journey inside this charming region, providing a wonderful momentum of information harmonious with interest and fun; where visitors learn about all the stages of picking, distillation and manufacturing of one of the most famous and most expensive perfumes around the world, through multiple workshops, adjacent to museum, shop, market, and laboratory rose. Things are heating up with the competitions of (perfume of the season), which is decided by the vote of tourists.

Visitors to Ward Village to enjoy the scent and colors of roses accompanied by music tones, and qualitative and creative events, such as: Parade of Roses, Circus of Roses, and Orchestra of Roses.