Up to SR50,000 in fine for violating logging rules

Up to SR50,000 in fine for violating logging rules

The Special Forces for Environmental Security have warned against violating the Forest and Rangeland Law and its executive regulations, which prohibit logging, as well as the instructions that prohibit the sale or transportation of local firewood.

The law deals with the protection of vegetation, forests and rangelands and regulating their use.

The Special Forces for Environmental Security and the related security agencies will apply the stipulated penalties against anyone who trades in local firewood or charcoal or transporting them with a fine ranging between SR10,000 and SR50,000 per ton, SPA also reported.

The Forces follow up the activities of marketing, selling or transporting local firewood. Besides, compliance to the regulations that were published in this regard through various media outlets and platforms; and taking legal measures against violators of environmental regulations.

This is out of keenness to ensure a healthy and vibrant society; and to enhance the quality of life in the Kingdom.

The Special Forces called upon citizens and expatriates to adhere to regulations with regard to preserving the nation’s capabilities; protection of environment; and beware of logging. This is due to the damage it poses to vegetation cover and natural resources; rangelands; forests and parks; as well as tree extinction and the increase in desertification.