The first Chinese tourist arrives Saudi Arabia via e-tourist visa

The first Chinese tourist completes the e-tourist visa procedures in King Khalid International Airport

The first Chinese tourist arrives Saudi Arabia via e-tourist visa and completed the necessary procedures to enter Saudi Arabia through King Khalid International Airport, in just a few minutes.

Saudi Arabia announced the opening of its doors to tourists from 49 countries around the world, and the launch of e-tourist visa during a celebration, organized by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage in Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia plans to be one of the five most hospitable countries in the world by 2030, with revenues of up to 10% instead of the current 3% of gross national income, while the number of jobs in the tourism sector will reach 1.6 million jobs compared to 600 thousand jobs currently.

Ahmad Al-Khatib, Chairman of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, revealed that the abaya will be optional for foreign visitors and residents, but the clothes will be subject to rules such as wearing modest clothing, pointing out that foreign women will not have to wear the abaya.

 “We have hundreds of thousands of Saudi students who have studied abroad and returned, and so we welcome different cultures and religions,” Al-Khatib said.

This promo video has been circulating in the past few days on Twitter since the launch of the system, and shows spectacular views of areas that many do not imagine it within the Kingdom.

Saudi Arabia has officially opened its doors and hands to tourists from around the world by launching e-tourist visa regime.

 “Saudi Arabia has already undergone tremendous changes in the past few years, including ending the ban on women driving, opening cinemas, and organizing concerts”.

The new e-tourist visa regime will attract more adventurous travelers, especially those who want to visit the Saudi islands, see the unknown historical sites, and explore a new culture.