Tawakkalna App clarifies ‘Exempted’ status category

Tawakkalna asks individuals to contact MoH if any health status issue

The Tawakkalna application stated that those users with a status of “Exempted” on the app will be just like the vaccinated users with regard to allowing them entry to public places; as well as for the travel.

“The status “Exempted” appears on the Tawakkalna app only in those who have obtained a prior exemption from the Ministry of Health for not taking the coronavirus vaccine on medical grounds.

The application stated that users of Huawei and Google Play also can view; their status of “Exempted” on their app while users of iOS can access the website through their Apple phone.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Health; announced recently that exemptions from administering coronavirus vaccine; would go to those having medically proven hypersensitivity to COVID-19 vaccines or one of the vaccine components.

The ministry emphasized that medical exemptions will be based only; on valid medical grounds and this will be through showing medical reports.