Students from intermediate and secondary levels resume in-class education

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s students from the intermediate and secondary levels (ages 12-14 years); who have received the COVID-19 vaccine; resumed on Sunday the in-person education at public; private and foreign schools across the Kingdom.

This marked the start of an exceptional academic year with the constant support of the wise leadership; in ensuring a smooth and unaltered education process.

Kindergarten and elementary levels students will also begin Sunday’; also receiving their distant learning via the “Madrasati” and “Rawdati” platforms according to the educational modules accredited by the Ministry of Education for the 1443H academic year.

The ministry’s officials and directors of education directorates across the Kingdom are also continuing their field visits to schools in the first day of the new academic year to check on abidance by the health protocols and the coronavirus-containment measures accredited by the Ministry of Health and the Public Health Authority (Weqaya).