Shoura nod to amend regulation on countering terror crimes

The Shoura (Consultative) Council has approved a proposal to amend the regulation for combating terror crimes and terror financing. It took the decision after hearing the report of the Security Affairs Committee on the amendment proposal.

The Shoura, which had a virtual meeting here on Monday presided over by Speaker Sheikh Dr. Abdullah Bin Muhammad Al-Asheikh, also approved the draft regulation for the Tourism Development Fund, said Assistant Speaker Dr. Yahya Al-Samaan. The fund aims to support the development of the tourism sector in line with the strategies and policies adopted in this regard, a Saudi Press Agency (SPA) report said.

It is meant to be achieved by supporting investment and developing tourist sites in the targeted areas. The system also aims to provide financing for establishments operating in the field of tourism or its support services, and developing the technology and infrastructure that serve various tourism activities.

Al-Samaan said the Council also called on the General Accounting Bureau to expedite work on the recovery of state dues.

In another decision, the Council called on the Ministry of Economy and Planning to publish digital indicators for the performance of sectoral and regional sustainable development, while working on strengthening and developing the least developed regions in the Kingdom to achieve balanced development.

In light of discussions on the annual report of the Ministry of Economy and Planning for the fiscal year 1439-40 Hijra year, the Shoura called on the ministry to enhance transparency levels by developing its website and publishing quarterly reports that include economic data and indicators.

Accordingly, the Council also called on the ministry to intensify its efforts to finalize Kingdom’s Vision 2030 initiatives and projects and ensuring that they are completed within a specified period.