SFC welcomes participation in International Saudi Falcons, Hunting Exhibition

SFC welcomes participation in International Saudi Falcons, Hunting Exhibition

The International Saudi Falcons & Hunting Exhibition (ISFHE), organized by the Saudi Falcons Club (SFC), will be launched in its third edition from Oct. 1-10, 2021, in Malham, North of Riyadh, on the immense Saudi Falcons Club Grounds, spanning about 65 thousand m².

ISFHE announced that it is now open to applications for those interested in participation or sponsorship through the official ISFHE Operation Team e-mail: operation3@sfc.org.sa

Cultural heritage and national identity

ISFHE targets visitors from all demographics, both locally and internationally. One of the significant aims of ISFHE is to introduce the cultural heritage and national identity of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

ISFHE hopes to pass on the heritage to future generations to promote the rich outdoor experience involved with the Kingdom’s legacy of falconry; weaponry; and hunting around the world, as well as to create a platform for communication between those; interested in this glorious heritage and enthusiastic professionals.

It also aims to develop the falconry and hunting industry within the Kingdom; as well as to advance the cultural legacy and recreational activities around the world.

A key significance of ISFHE is to educate visitors about falconry and pass on its rich heritage to the present and future generations; as being one of the central cultural heritage of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Moreover, ISFHE attracts exhibiting companies and participants locally and internationally to showcase falconry; weaponry; hunting; and all the accessories and supplies associated with these niches.

The SFC has succeeded in organizing this event over the past two years; as the ISFHE successfully attracted more than 300 exhibitors from 20 different countries around the world; because of the dedicated and ambitious efforts, which provided participants with unprecedented growth.

In its third edition, the ISFHE will host more than 350 exhibitors from over 26 countries.

It will feature more than 24 unique sections, including but not limited to: camping; falcon training; hunting and shooting fields; falcon food and health care supplies; hunting equipment; and the arts section; where many seminars; workshops; cultural evenings; and folk arts will be presented along with pleasant activities to include people of all ages.

The ISFHE is expected to attract more than 400,000 visitors within the period of 10 days this year.