Saudi Travel Agency Warns of Travel to Turkey over Security Risks

Saudi Travel Agency Warns of Travel to Turkey over Security Risks

Injaz Travel and Tourism Agency on Wednesday warned Saudis not to travel to Turkey to avoid high security risks in the country.

Several incidents revealed that Saudi tourists in Turkey were subjected to a lot of harassment and security risks. The Riyadh Chamber then addressed travel and tourism offices and urged facilities for those wishing to modify their reservations and change their travel destinations from Turkey to friendly countries.

“It is committed to directing the Chamber of Commerce in Riyadh, based on the Saudi embassy statement in Ankara about threats that Saudis face  in Turkey. The agency is committed to call on the Chamber of Commerce not to travel to Turkey at this time, and that to facilitate the cancellation of citizens wishing to cancel their reservations to Turkey to alternative destinations safer and showing more respect for tourists in other countries,” a statement said by Enjaz agency.

Injaz affirmed it was capable of raising its customers’ awareness with risks of travelling to Turkey, offering facilities in booking refund and offering travel packages to other safe destinations.

The Chairman of the Board of Riyadh Ajlan Ajlan, announced on Wednesday May 22nd the results of wide popular calls for the boycott of Turkish tourism, pointing out that travel and tourism offices positively reacted, and received requests from many citizens to cancel.