Saudi Minister: G20 Upcoming Summit to focus on Education

Saudi Minister of Education Dr. Hamad Al-Asheikh gives his speech during the 40th session of the UNESCO General Conference in Paris. (SPA)

The agenda of G20 summit to be hosted by Saudi Arabia in 2020 is to focus on education, Minister of Education, Dr. Hamad bin Mohammed Al-Asheikh said.

Saudi Arabia’s keen on working with UNESCO

The Saudi Minister confirmed that Saudi Arabia’s quite keen on working with UNESCO and other international organizations to major concern about fundamental education issues and the future of the world’s next generation at the upcoming G20 summit.

The Saudi Minister also stressed Saudi Arabia continued cooperation with UNESCO member-states in all fields and support for the organization’s programs.

The Saudi Minister’s comments came during a reception held by the Saudi Permanent Delegation to UNESCO on the occasion of the 40th session of the organization’s general conference currently held in Paris.

Saudi Arabia was one of the founding countries of UNESCO

Saudi Arabia was the sixth state to sign the charter of the organization on November 4, 1946 under the guidance of King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud,” the Saudi Minister said reminding the audience that Saudi Arabia was one of the founding countries of UNESCO.

The Saudi Minister said in his speech: “Today, we see the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 objectives coincide with UNESCO’s mission through the Kingdom’s keenness to support educational, cultural and scientific projects around the world because of its regional and international status, and its roles in strengthening relations between Arab and Islamic countries and the global agenda for sustainable development in the organization’s educational, cultural and scientific fields”.

The Saudi Minister put down the decision of Saudi government to be a member of the UNESCO Council for the period 2019-2020 to support of the global agenda in order to achieve the well-being and stability of the peoples of the world.

The Saudi Minister pointed out that the organization was the international specialized body that seeks to contribute to the maintenance of peace and security through strengthening international cooperation in education, culture and science.

The Saudi Minister added that the Kingdom’s main priorities in the Executive Council were based on supporting major international projects such as the Euro-Arab Dialogue, and Teaching Tolerance, Solidarity and Respect for Human Rights.