Saudi Hiking goes on spreading the culture of walking through nature

Saudi Hiking goes on spreading the culture of walking through nature

Saudi Hiking Initiative

Saudi Hiking is a national initiative that was founded in 2015 to promote the recreational sports and raise the awareness of the local cultural, historical, and tourism destinations. Hiking has been practicing for many years inside Saudi Arabia, it helps Saudis to know more about the rare natural terrains and enjoy the beautiful nature of their homeland. It also supports the internal tourism movement and boosts mountain sports.  

This initiative coincides with the national transformation program according to the plan and objectives of the General Sports Authority as one of the strategic goals of Vision 2030, especially it attracts a large number of social groups of both sexes of different ages and combines sports, tourism, history, entertainment, culture and art.

Wadi Moqar Mountain Hiking

200 Saudi traveled 13 kilometers to the high mountains of Hejaz in Thaqif, west of Saudi Arabia, overcoming all difficulties between castles and forts, and through the valleys that lay between the rocks of those mountains, at Wadi Moqar Mountain Hiking event, organized by the Saudi Hiking in Ta’if. The hiking event aims at spreading the culture of walking in nature and practicing sports, especially mountain hiking because of its health benefits. The age of the participants varied from 13 to 70 years.

The Hiking Path

The hiking path began from the historic village, Ad-Darin, which welcomed the participants with poems, folk songs, and folklore dances. The participants then moved to the Hall of Excellence, the starting point. The participants enjoyed the beautiful landscapes, such as the flowers, palms, and the running water along the track in Wadi Muqar, which crossed a range of valleys before ascending the high mountain range, where the water is abundant throughout the year, trees are plenty, and rocks vary in sizes and shapes, forming a fascinating landscape.

The participants also passed by the historical museum of Thaqif, where they were briefed on some of the ancient antiquities, and enjoyed taking photos the museum. The residents of Mujarda then offered a popular breakfast for the participants, who continued their path towards the end point, passing through the village of El-Arish and from there to the village of Al-Lham, and a number of ancient historical villages. They enjoyed all what they saw from the ancient castles and fortresses that tell the memories of ancestors.