Saudi Health Ministry warns from family gathering as COVID-19 cases increase

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Official Spokesman of the Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Health Dr. Mohammed Al-Abdulali dismissed circulated reports on cancellation of the second dose of the coronavirus vaccine in the Kingdom, elaborating that the matter is no more than a delay, aiming at accelerating access to much more individuals of the society to the first dose, to raise the level of immunity.

“Saudi Arabia observes a steady decline in the curve of confirmed infections and that 75 per cent of recently detected cases resulted from family-held social occasions, calling all the public to abide by the instructions to realize community immunity,” Dr. Mohammed Al-Abdulali said.

During a press conference held on Sunday, the Health Ministry spokesman stated that the number of vaccine doses stood at 12,819,360 conducted at 590 inoculation centers across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, the tally of all confirmed cases in the country, rose to 440,914, including 8,975 active cases undergoing treatment against 1,344 diagnosed as critical cases. However they are in stable conditions, while 1,067 new cases were detected, said the report.

The toll of overall recoveries rose to 424,690 as new 895 cases were added against 7,249 fatalities, as new twelve deaths were reported.

As many as 18,537,938 lab tests have accurately taken place, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the report concluded.