Saudi graduate job trainees share SR11.4m rewards pot

Thousands of Saudi graduates taking part in an on-the-job training program have received a share of more than SR11 million ($2.9 million) in rewards.

The Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf) deposited SR11.45 million in November rewards for 4,111 male and female trainees on the Tamheer scheme.

Trainees enrolled on the program are allocated SR3,000 per month for the duration of the training period and are also insured against work risks. On completion, they receive a training certificate of experience presented by Hadaf.

To qualify for the Tamheer program, applicants need to be Saudi nationals and must prove they have not been employed during the previous six months. They should also hold a Ph.D., bachelor’s or master’s degree, and cannot have previously benefited from the program. Applications can be made via the Tamheer website at