Saudi Genome Project Uncovers 7,500 Causes of Genetic Diseases

The King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) announced on Tuesday that the Saudi Human Genome Project; has managed to document 7,500 mutations that cause genetic diseases in the Kingdom.

They also include 3,000 genetic mutations that cause over 1,230 rare disorders in Saudi Arabia.

In detail the research took place at the KACST Central Laboratory for Human Genome that saw inauguration in 2018 by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman; Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, in his capacity as the Chairman of the KACST board of directors.

The Saudi Human Genome Project is also the one of the national transformation projects of Saudi Vision 2030. The project started in KACST in Riyadh and aims to discover mutations; that cause rare genetic diseases with a focus on those mutations in the Saudi society.