Saudi G20 presidency launches account in Arabic on Twitter

 Saudi Arabia’s presidency of the G20 on Tuesday; unveiled an official account on the Twitter platform in the Arabic language targeting the Saudi audience under the name @inspirethewld.

The account aims at introducing the Kingdom’s pivotal role as the presidency country of the Group for the year 2020 AD; as part of its readiness to host the Leaders Summit next November; as well as to introduce the main topics and issues discussed by the group this year.

The Kingdom chairs the G20 for the year 2020 under the slogan “to seize the opportunities of the twenty-first century for all”; while it will continue to work in the coming months; to put the most important international topics; and issues on the agenda within the framework of the coronavirus pandemic.

The G20 is a forum of leading global economies; and its annual summit takes place at one of the 19 countries in the group, in addition to the European Union; which accounts for 80 percent of global GDP, 75 percent of global trade and 65 percent of the world’s population.